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Bankruptcy Law Center Los Angeles OfficeAt the Bankruptcy Law Center, our Top-Rated Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys help clients deal with foreclosures, IRS levies, wage garnishments, overwhelming credit card debts, repossessions, bank levies, evictions, lawsuits, taxes and those constant collection agent phone calls. Maybe you are suffering because of unemployment or substantial decreases in income, medical bills and a struggling or failed small business.

Some people get caught up in an endless cycle of payday loans that never seems to get them out of trouble. But we can get you out of debt. Did you know that most people who file bankruptcy get to keep all of their property? If you are looking for a highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer helping clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities, call the Bankruptcy Law Center.

You won’t regret it. Our expert attorneys have helped thousands of clients. We will show you how you can immediately stop creditor harassment, lost wages and lost property. This is all we do—help people with their most difficult money problems. We provide clients with a fresh start so they can begin rebuilding their credit. And if bankruptcy isn’t right for your situation, the experts at the Bankruptcy Law Center will show you other effective options to help you save your home or property.

Bankruptcy Stops:

  • Creditor Calls

  • Wage Garnishment

  • Lawsuits

  • Repossessions

  • Foreclosures

Reasons to Consider Filing for Bankruptcy in Los Angeles

Day after day, week after week, and month after month, this worry can start to consume your life. It’s hard to relax and do simple things knowing that you’re heavily in debt with no foreseeable way out. Each and every cent you spend can make you feel guilty.

This is only amplified if others are depending on you.  Not only does your debt put your livelihood at risk, but it puts it at risk for those closest to you, too.

We’re not advising that people file bankruptcy on a whim, but it is smart to weigh the options. Many times the financial and emotional strain of overwhelming debt far outweighs any downsides to filing bankruptcy.

There are some other, less imposing situations that could cause you to consider bankruptcy. You might be headed down that road if:

  • You are getting a divorce

  • Creditors are suing you for payment of debts

  • The home you own is underwater and in danger of foreclosure

  • The only way you can pay for things is using a credit card

  • You use one credit card to pay off another

  • You are considering withdrawing money from a 401(k) account to pay bills

Why Bankruptcy Is a Good Investment for Your Future

When bankruptcy comes to mind, it is likely that you do not think of it as an investment. However, that is exactly what it is. An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Los Angeles can help you understand if bankruptcy is right for you, but in the meantime, here are some ways that bankruptcy can be a great investment, not just financially, but for your well-being, too:

  • Bankruptcy Does Not Generate Tax: If you are in serious debt and thinking about settling your debts for less than what you owe, you might want to rethink that. Any time you settle a debt for less than what is owed, it will generate taxes. Federal tax laws require that taxes be paid on money that you owed but did not pay. Bankruptcy, on the other hand, does not have these penalties.
  • It Relieves Stress: Think of how stressed out you are at not being able to pay your bills. Those collection calls can be especially stressful. Stress is not just a mere annoyance, it can force you into making poor financial decisions and even cause health issues. The physical damage alone is enough to make filing bankruptcy in Los Angeles a great investment in your health.
  • Your Credit Will Start Improving: If you choose a repayment plan or debt consolidation, your credit score will not start improving until all of the debt is paid off. With bankruptcy, your credit score will start getting back on track as soon as the bankruptcy is discharged.
  • Your Credit Card can Take Years to Pay Off: Depending on the amount you owe on your credit card, making only the minimum payments on the card could mean 20 to 25 years in debt. You can use that interest you save in bankruptcy to paying for something else.
  • Debt can Negatively Impact Your Relationships: It does not matter whether you are married or single, the stress caused by overwhelming debt can make relationships tense and difficult. Filing for bankruptcy can literally save your relationships or even your marriage.
  • Start Saving for Retirement: If you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on fees and interest for your debt, consider how much better off you would be to put that money aside for your retirement. None of us wants to work forever, right?
  • You May Not Qualify Later: If you keep struggling along trying to pay your debts, you could risk a change in your income or other factor that could result in you not being able to pass the means test. If you cannot pass the means test, you lose the ability to file for bankruptcy.
  • It is a Real Solution: How long have you been struggling to manage your debt? Have you been successful with whatever method you are trying? Do you think it will be helpful in the future? While bankruptcy may not be the option you prefer, it is a real solution that is guaranteed to fix your financial struggles.

Call us today if you are in need of The Best Bankruptcy Attorneys in Los Angeles.

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Bankruptcy Law Center
Bankruptcy Law Center
I was looking for a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer and I found them!! I can't say enough about how professional and helpful They were during a VERY hard time in my life. I thought I was going to lose everything, including my home. They helped to keep my house all my cars and get out from the credit cards the were ruining my life.
Bankruptcy Law Center
Bankruptcy Law Center
I cannot thank the lawyers and staff enough. I would normally never write a review for legal services, however these professionals really deserve the recognition. If you are facing any type of financial troubles, I would definitely call them. I highly recommend them!
Bankruptcy Law Center
Bankruptcy Law Center
Ahren Tiller and the Bankruptcy Law Center were excellent. From the moment we walked in the door they were great with us. They do not push bankruptcy on you...they try to help and if there are other options before bankruptcy, they let you know.

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  • Bankruptcy Law Center
    Bankruptcy Law Center
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